Founded in 1882, it is a professional electrical engineering manufacturer in the field of electrical equipment. ATB SCHORCH is a modern, market-oriented, customized drive solution provider used in many different industries.

With many global supply of drive systems, the name SCHORCH is equivalent to high-quality electrical equipment. ATB SCHORCH's customized products and systems have met or exceeded the industry's highest requirements time and time again in terms of quality and reliability.

Main application areas: petroleum, petrochemical; energy; iron and steel metallurgy; water treatment and environmental protection; ships and offshore platforms, FPSO; engines, gearboxes, chassis test benches, etc.

High-speed motor introduction: The design features of the high-speed motor: small size, compliance with IEC, VDE, DIN, ISO, EN related standards certification, IP23 protection level, IMB35 type, independent ventilation, pole number 2P=2 and 2p=4, speed Up to 17,000rpm, temperature resistance class F, voltage from 400V to 690V, suitable for IGBT inverter control.

The speed of the series of high-speed motors of the SCAUCH test bench can reach 16000RPM and the torque can reach more than 10000NM. They are mainly used in engine testing, gearbox testing, and chassis dynamometer.

The main models are as follows:

High-speed series: LN8 180L-A 90Kw,115Nm,7498-16000Rpm; LN8 225M-A 132Kw,250Nm,5022-10000Rpm; LN8 250S-A 200Kw,430Nm,4444-10004Rpm; LN8 250M-A 305Kw,550Nm,5315-10000Rpm ; LN8 287M-A 285Kw, 600Nm, 4499-10000Rpm; LN8 280M-A 390Kw, 830Nm, 4504-10003Rpm; LN8 280L-A 495Kw, 1100Nm, 4299-9003Rpm; LN8 315L-A 610pmKw, 1260Rm, 4N8-6004 288L-B 425Kw, 1610Nm, 2523-8500Rpm; LN8 289L-B 490Kw, 1860Nm, 2521-8000Rpm; LN8 315M-B 465Kw, 2270Nm, 1957-7502Rpm; LN8 315L-B 520Kw, 2540Nm, 1958N8 319Rpm; B 550Kw, 3100Nm, 1695-4501Rpm; LN8 315X-B 590Kw, 3330Nm, 1692-4500Rpm; LN7 400M-B 770Kw, 3380Nm, 2176-6500Rpm; LN7 400L-B 1010Kw, 3850Nm, 2508-6001Rpm

High torque series: DQ7 315M-B 300Kw, 1910Nm, 1502-4501Rpm; DQ7 351L-B 360Kw, 2290Nm, 1501-4000Rpm; DQ7 315X-B 410Kw, 2610Nm, 1500-4000Rpm; DQ7 319X-B 450Kw, 2910Nm, 1476- 4500Rpm; DQ7 355M-B 560Kw, 3560Nm, 1502-4001Rpm; DQ7 355L-B 620Kw, 3950Nm, 1500-4002Rpm; DQ7 400L-B, 800Kw, 5090Nm, 1502-4502Rpm DQ7 409L-B, 1000Kw, 4580Rm, 2086-4500Rpm

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