Size: 90 to 500

Power: up to 1,000 kW

Speed: up to 18,000 rpm

Design: B3, B5 (more available compliant with IEC 60034-7)

Cooling: IC 411 (self-ventilation)

Option: IC 416 (forced-ventilation), IC 70W (water-cooled)

Protection class: IP54 (to IP56)

Options of electrical design

Increased rated power for short term operation or intermittent operation

With external fan (axial or radial)

Dimensioning as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12-pole motors

Pole-changing motors 4/2 or 8/4 – pole

Special voltages and -frequencies

Higher ambient temperature and installation altitude over 1.000 m

Winding temperature monitoring by thermo switch, PTC resistor or Pt100

Anti-condensation heating

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