This brake is available in the following versions:

Frame size 63 - 160 all pole configurations 

Frame size180 - 225 only 4, 6 or 8 poles 

or 2-poles S3 40%

Frame size 250 - 280 only 4, 6, 8 poles

Terminal box Ex d

5 to 1200 Nm depending on frame size (for standard

assignments, see page 107)

24 to 690 VAC 1~, 50/60 Hz,

(for brake sizes 80 to 160 also 3~) 24 to 300 VDC

Category 2 G / 2D / 2GD

Protection type Ex d / Ex tb 

Protection group IIB / IIC

Temperature class T3 / T4 / T5

maximum surface temperature T200°C / T135°C /


Protection type IP66

Ambient temperature -20 to +40 °C / -50 to +55 °C

thermal protection by means of thermo switch (in

addition, PTC thermistor as an option)

Manual ventilation (optional; not for 250/280)

Micro switch (optional)

Anti-condensation heater (optional)

Special flanges or shafts on request


This brake is always attached to a reinforced fan cowl on

the non-drive side of the motor. Properties:

Frame sizes 80 to 200

Terminal compar tment Ex e

10 to 270 Nm depending on frame size (for standard

assignment, see page 106)

110 to 400 VAC 1~, 50/60 Hz 12 up to 356VDC

Category 2 G / 2D / 2GD

Protection type Ex de / Ex tb

Protection group IIC

Temperature class T5

Maximum surface temperature T100°C

Protection type IP67

Ambient temperature -20 °C to +40 °C

Thermal protection by means of thermo switch

Manual ventilation (optional)

Micro switch (optional)


Three-phase AC Asynchronous Motors with Integrated Frequency Inverter

Frame sizes 80 to 160

Supply voltage 380 to 500 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz

Range of power 0,55 bis 11 kW

Maximum current 150 % In for 60 s in 10 min

Leakage current to PE > 3,5 mA

(to EN 50178) Fixed installations required 

Fixed installations required double PE

Output frequency 2 to 50/100 Hz

Frequency resolution absolute 0,02 Hz

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High-Voltage Motors 

–Series CD 355...H to CD 450...H

–Acceptance for category II 2G for use in zones 1 and 2

–Acceptance for category II 2G for use in zones 21 and 22

–Temperature classes T3 to T6

–Power range from 160 to approx. 700 kW (for 1500 rpm)

–Rated voltage from 3 kV to 6.6 kV

–50Hz for 2 to 8 poles, 60 Hz for 4 to 8 poles

–Self-cooling (IC411) with fans which are independent 

of the direction of rotation

–Low-noise design with axial fans which are dependent 

of the direction of rotation

–Anti-condensation heater

–Low temperature up to -55 °C without heater

–Ambient temperatures of up to 60 °C

–Altitude of installation above 1000 m m.s.l.

-Installation of temperature sensors such as PT 100, 

PTC thermistors or KTY in winding and bearing for 

additional protection

–Customer-specific special-purpose versions

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