AKH 平机座电机

AKH 平机座电机

AKH 平机座电机


Shaft height: 75 to 190 mm

Power: up to 132 kW

Speed range: up to 12.000 rpm

Duty cycle: S1

Cooling: IC 411 (self-ventilated)

Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz

Insulation class: F

Mounting: IM B35

Degree of protection: IP 54

Vibration severity grade: A

Ambient temperature: 20 to 40 °C

Options of electrical design

Increased rated power for intermittent operation S6

Efficiency classes IE 2, IE 3

Optimized for frequency converter operation

With external fan

Dimensioning as 2, 4 or 6- pole motors

Pole-changing motors 4/2 or 8/4–pole

Special voltages and -frequencies

Insulation class H

Higher ambient temperature and installation altitude

Winding temperature monitoring by thermo switch, PTC resistor or Pt100

Anti-condensation heating