AKH 水冷和空水冷主轴电机

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AKH 水冷和空水冷主轴电机

AKH 水冷和空水冷主轴电机

UHTW / UHTY- series low-inertia, water cooled (IC 70W) / 

combination water-air cooling (IC 70W+IC06)

UHMW / UHMY- series with high torque, (IC 70W) / (IC 70W+IC06)


Shaft height: 100 to 500 mm

Power: up to 1.000 kW

Speed range: up to 18.000 rpm

Duty cycle: S1

Cooling: IC 70W (water cooling)

Voltage: 400V / 690 V

Insulation class: F

Mounting: IM B3 / B5

Degree of protection: IP 54

Vibration severity grade: A

Ambient temperature: -20 to 40 °C

Installation altitude: up to 1000 m

Options of electrical design

Increased rated power for short term operation or intermittent operation

1 or 2 external fans assembled radial(IP 23 open-loop-cooling, IP 54 circulating air)

Water cooled shaft

Dimensioning as 2, 4 or 6- pole motors

Special voltages and -frequencies

Insulation class H

Higher ambient temperature and installation altitude over 1.000 m

Anti-condensation heating